1st Year Celebration – New Facilities

27 April 2022

After 2 years and 6M€ in investment, in January 2021, Simplastic moved it’s operation to a new builing. The new facilities are comprised of 10.000sqm of production area, 3000 sqm of warehouse and 1500sqm of office space.

This investment, which is part of our long term growth strategy, allowed us to increase our efficiency, capacity and work conditions, which will lead to better serve our stakeholders. To improve our service to our clients and partners, we now have 30 injection molding machines, 23 assembly lines, a metrology lab inside our Quality Department, and an area entirely devoted to accessory technologies. During 2021, we started to offer a new technology, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection molding, a service which is increasigly sought after. This project was supported by Portugal 2020.

150 people, distributed in 3 shifts, work here everyday. The Simplastic family is very proud of our new home. If you wish to visit us, or know more information about us or our services, write us to simplastic@simplastic.pt or call us at +351 769 200.


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