Le Confident – Audio Guide Headphones

16 June 2021

Meet Le Confident, a set of interactive Audio Guide premium Headphones commercialized by our client RSF. RSF is a french company specialized in audiovisual equipment for museums. All the plastic parts were developed for cost effective industrialization and assembly by our Development & Engineering Team and manufactured here at Simplastic.

The main challenge in this innovative project was to create an equipment entirely made of high quality thermoplastics. The plastic parts house the electronic boards. There are no metallic components except those of the semiconductors. The final product answers to the client’s demand for a sophisticated piece designed for a luxury environment.

Le Confident headphones were developed exclusively for the french musem Hotel de La Marine. On the 12th of June, this eighteen century building located at Place de La Concord in Paris, opened to the public after 4 years of extensive renovations. An architectural masterpiece, once house to the french Navy Ministry, it is now a museum. Visitors can dive in Parisian history thanks to the decor and art, but also the set of premium headphones that is able to determine their exact location and guides their visit.

We are very proud of our years-long partnership with RSF, but specially of our Development and Manufacturing Teams whose determination, dedication and team work led to the client’s satisfaction.

More than an Injection Moulding service

With each project, we broaden our service portfolio when supplying finished and semi-finished products. These include design and development, thermoplastics and silicone injection moulding, hot stamping and ultrasonic welding, assembling and supply chain management.

Our main objective is to present solutions to support the improvement of processes and the satisfaction of our clients’ expectations. Simplastic’s team of Engineers will work with you to develop all the tools needed for industrialization and maximum process efficiency. The Quality Department will make sure that the final product fully matches your brief and technical specifications. We work with well established transportation networks and our team is fluent in portuguese, spanish, french, english and german.

Contact us through simplastic@simplastic.pt to know more about this service and ask us for a quotation.


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