Metrology – Dimensional Control

12 March 2024

Metrology is the science of measurement and its applications, which encompasses all theoretical and practical aspects of measurements.

What do we use it for?

With measurement control we check and assure the dimensional characteristics of parts according to client specifications. This will help to ensure their correct assembly and functionality. With this service, we ensure dimensional compliance and guarantee quality control from the beginning of the process to the finished product.

Our Metrology Section supports the Development and Production Departments in dimensional analysis and tolerance,through development for industrialization and product modifications. Furthermore, it carries out all measurements, from the production of the first-off-tool parts (FOT), to validation and, finally, in mass production. Capability studies (CPK) are carried out internally to ensure process stability and capability.

The Process

We have a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for probing. The machine carries the measurement with a ruby tip that contacts directly with the part, thus ensuring that results are accurate and not dependent on the operator. This service is performed by our Metrology Thecnician with the support of a 2D or 3D modeling of the article. Furthermore, our Quality Lab has a profile projector, interior/exterior micrometers, calipers, roughness meter, durometer, pattern block and round gauges, for validation on the factory floor.
We provide a dimensional report (FAI), in order to verify and ensure compliance.


With this service, we guarantee the repeatability of all purchased subsidiary materials, manufactured parts and finished products.

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