New Service – Injection Molding Simulation

18 December 2023

In 2023, we invested in a new Injection Moulding Simulation Software. This software allows us to improve the efficacy and efficiency of the injection moulding process, yielding better parts and reducing defects. It accomplishes this by simulating every aspect of the manufacturing process, from material flow to coolant distribution, shrinkage and warpage.

Injection molding simulation will now be offered in every new project we work on, helping our team of engineers to predict what will happen inside the mold. This will make corrections and improvements to the design and process parameters possible before the execution of the tool.

With this software, our engineers can:

  • Test different materials, without waste, machine use and labour hours .
  • Anticipate and correct problems, such as filling issues, weld lines, or those related to shrinkage and warpage.
  • Improve cycle times, energy use, reduce material waste
  • Improve collaboration with machine setters, mold technicians and measurement technicians


This service will be supplied by our Engineering and Development Department. It is they who help our customers with mould design, development for industrialization, choosing materials and doing rheological studies.

Simplastic supports its customers with “Total Tool Management”: development, production, changes & improvements, internal preventive and corrective maintenance. Contact us through


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